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Maize:also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago.This plant produces pollen ears which later transforms into fruits and seeds. It is the best staple food in many parts

orange corn
14th Apr

Orange Corn Could Preserve Lives

Someone once said long time before “orange corn is the most joyful color and bean”. And group of School scientists are learning How creating corn happier could make a better lifestyle for undernourished kids with

Informative and Interesting Corn Facts

Corn Facts It might sound corny but take a moment and recall all the facts and information you know about corn. Do you know that corn is the biggest and most critical product in the

Corn Future and Corn Prices

Corn Future Corn Future is a standardized contract traded an exchange between two parties that allow for the purchase and delivery of a standardized quantity. The quality of corn for a price agreed upon today

Pay Attention to Corn and Soybean Prices

Corn and Soybean Prices Let’s discuss corn and soybean prices. We already know that prices stem from demand and supply. Here, briefly discuss the supply dynamics for corn and soybean. it’s time to discuss the

Corn Family, Origin, Varities and Types

Corn Family Corn an edible crop. The scientific name of corn is Zea Mays. Corn is also known as Indian corn or maize.  The corn family name is  Poaceae. Origin of Corn Family Corn we know

List of Commonly used Corn Foods

  Corn is a cheap and multipurpose ingredient. It is use to make an extensive variety of corn  foods. As per, more than 200 varities of corn exist. All are great sources of vitamins A. While not normal,

Understanding the Basics of CORN FUTURES

In a stock exchange, a financial specialist can either profit or a bit of relying upon how well he or she puts their investments. The fates showcase specifically can be to a great degree high

Corn Futures from Brazil, USA and China

Summer season started with the high price corn futures and fluting figures of soybean and corn. All producers and traders have an eye on corn futures to be settled for more revenue.  Most famous corn