The Best Ways To Make Your Own Corn Clip Art

“Corn clip art are the images and symbols of corn used in documents”

corn clip art

Clip Art

As a matter of, fact clcorn clip artip art are the simple pictures and symbols made available for the computer users to add to their documents. The images can be raster graphics or vector graphics. Clip art galleries may contain a few images or many thousand images, depends.

Clip arts are usually  categorized under the headings such as people, objects, nature, food etc. Most clip arts have keywords associated with them for example the corn clip art might have tags of corn, nature, crop.

Clip art can be copied and pasted easily on any document you have. These increase your documents illustration points.

Corn Clip Art

majs (3)Firstly a clip art can include pictures of literally anything. It is the best way to illustrate what you are trying to tell the audience, since on computer your audience is pretty large so you might need the help of the good clip arts.

Additionally corn clip art can be used on the sites regarding corn specialties. Corm clip art can make the documents more interesting. Simultaneously maintains a good number of audience attracted to your site.

Buying Corn Clip Art

The clip art are ready made sold online or in form of CD’s in markets. You can buy as much as thousands of clip arts for low prices. If the package include 50 000 images for $50, the deal is nice, since you are paying $0.05 for each clip art.

How To Make Corn Clip Art?

Step 1cartoon-corn-1

First draw a long oval shape, this will be used as a body of our corn.

Step 2


On the Oval, make a another smaller circle and a triangle over the circle to illustrate the leaves of the corn.

Step 3


Furthermore Now draw two more isosceles triangles on the left and the right side of the corn body. The corn outer shape is made.

Step 4


Refine the straight fine lines of the triangles to make a more specified look, you can follow the same shape as shown above.

Step 5


Now making the corn itself, select the large oval body and start creating irregular semi circles outwards. This will bring a 3 D effect on the corn later after the coloring, The semi circles can create a more defined look of the small corns on the corn rib.

Step 6


When you are done, make some lines inside the main shape to stimulate the corns. You can draw the lines randomly since the corn is not equal by nature. Draw lines randomly and create the small boxes similar to a natural corn

Step 7


Finally, add the shades to the corn to make it look more realistic and interesting. Shading creates a bold look to the corns, shade wisely and according to the light.

Step 8


Now the final step is to add the colors to the corn to make the whole look real and beautiful. Use the basic yellow for the corn body and dark green for the leaves.

Step 9

Publish the picture on the document you wish.

Types of Clip Arts

The term clip art originally referred to the books of printed images, symbols and signs. But now the word clip is refereed to as electronic collections of the images, however the right definition of clip art varies from one person to another.

There are two main types of clip art:images

1 :Vector based films

2: Bitmap Files

Vector Based Vs Bitmap Files

Bitmap images also known as raster images are pixels in a grid.

To to mention most computers show from 70 to 100 pixels only. The actual number depends on you monitor and screen settings. The mobile phone in your pocket can show 3x more pixels than your desktop.

At the same time,Bitmap images are resolution dependent. Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image and is usually stated as dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch). Bitmap images are displayed on your computer screen at screen resolution : approximately 100 ppi.

Facts About Vector Images

Vector images are made up of many individual, Scala objects. Furthermore these objects are defined by mathematical equations, called Bezier Curves, rather than pixels, so they always render at the highest quality because they are device independent.

Objects may consist of lines, curves and shapes with editable attributes such as color, fill and outline. Changing the attributes of a vector object does not affect the object itself. You can freely change any number of attributes without destroying the basic object.

Correspondingly an object can be modified not only by changing its attributes, but also by shaping and transforming it using nodes and control handles. For an example of manipulating and object nodes, see my Corel Draw tutorial on drawing a heart.

Creating Clip Art



Moreover it encourages even those who think they can not even draw a stick on the piece of paper. Take my example I was not anything more than a couch potato, who would have thought of me being a home based artist? So why not give yourself a chance and win it?


 Starts with the basics of drawing vector images, unlike the simple paint and play on the computer  program.


Is a large collection of articles and tutorials about the information of drawing correct images and vectors. You can then post them on your sites.

Uses Of Corn Clip Art


The corn clip art has a versatile range of uses. You can use for advertising purpose, for printing, writing, illustration, educating, informing and marketing purposes.

Corn clip art can be used in variety of articles informing about corn, the corn clip art plays a major role in the info-graphics that web developers and employees use to the presentation made.

A Corn clip art can be used by the whole sellers of the corn to sell as well as to keep the record of the corn in the ware house. Corn is an essential crop used by millions of people in their daily life.

Fun Facts About Corn

As much as you think you know about corn, it is still less. Corn is the largest crop grown in USA. The corn is used in batteries. Corn is one of the best selling crops world wide, in addition to the several other facts you didn’t know about corn.

  • Corn is also known as maize.
  • Outside America, Australia and North America the corn is known as cereal corn.
  • Corn does not grow in wild.
  • 40% corn is used in ethanol production.
  • Corn is used in batteries.
  • Only 14% corn is irrigated in US.
  • Corn is used in peanut butter along with 34000 other products.
  • US is the largest producer of corn in the world.
  • The mechanical and the electrical harvesting of corn started after WW2 before that corn was harvested with hands.


Lastly, we provided you with all the information regarding the corn clip art, you can share yours in the comment section below. Please do not hesitate to share your queries with us.

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