Corn Future Prices

corn futures pricescorn futures prices are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Each contract is for 5,000 bushels (~ 127 Metric Tons). Prices are quoted in Cents per bushel.

Corn Futures contracts exist for the months of March (H), May (K), July (N), September (U) and December (Z).

Name Symbol Exchange Months Category Price Change
Corn C CME HKNUZ Agricultural 344.75 0.44%


Corn futures slumped to a fresh five-year low Tuesday after the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported larger-than-expected stockpiles of the grain.

Wheat and soybean prices also fell.

The Agriculture Department, in a closely watched quarterly report, said corn in U.S. storage bins totaled 1.236 billion bushels on Sept corn futures prices. 1, up from just 821 million bushels a year earlier. Analysts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expected the government to peg stockpiles at 1.181 billion bushels.

Corn stockpiles likely topped expectations because demand for feed grains from livestock producers was lower than expected, analysts said. They noted that U.S. supplies of hogs and cattle that are fattened on corn have declined this year, due to a deadly disease afflicting young pigs and a prolonged drought in Plains states, where beef cattle are raised.

“We’re just not feeding as much corn as we thought we would,” said Karl Setzer, an analyst with MaxYield Cooperative in West Bend, Iowa.

Corn future contracts with prices: corn futures prices

Continuous Contracts

Contract Price As Of 1-Day Chg MTD Chg YTD Chg Volume Open Interest Historical Data
C1 344.75 09-Oct-2015 0.44% 7.48% -18.31% 170,873 753,204 Historical Data
C10 486.50 28-Mar-2015 -0.26% 2.31% 4.57% 16 369 Historical Data
C11 490.50 28-Mar-2015 -0.15% 1.82% 4.03% 2 28 Historical Data
C2 357.75 09-Oct-2015 0.35% 7.27% -16.85% 37,358 244,786 Historical Data
C3 366.50 09-Oct-2015 0.34% 7.16% -16.13% 15,600 66,833 Historical Data
C4 374.00 09-Oct-2015 0.20% 7.01% -15.67% 17,519 91,163 Historical Data
C5 381.50 09-Oct-2015 0.20% 6.94% -15.27% 4,032 24,626 Historical Data
C6 390.00 09-Oct-2015 0.00% 6.34% -15.40% 18,790 112,391 Historical Data
C7 385.25 12-Sep-2015 -0.58% -5.11% -17.55% 6,273 96,010 Historical Data
C8 425.25 14-Jul-2015 n.a. -4.76% -9.67% 3,813 60,392 Historical Data
C9 482.75 16-May-2015 -0.10% -4.03% 4.27% 2,667 44,769 Historical Data

Historical continuous contract data is available from 01-Jul-1959 to 09-Oct-2015.




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