Сraps strategy: how to find an optimal one?

Perfect craps strategy is working for you

Novice players often wonder why their experienced peers stuck to one strategic plan and use it consistently from round to round. The answer is simple – a proper strategy gives the player the possibility to maximize the chances of winning and minimize losses. Following simple rules, you get the chance to make the best available bets.

craps strategy

The most popular craps strategies, their pros, and cons

Among all the strategies that could be implemented the following ones are worth being highlighted.

Pass and Come Strategy

Player bets with the shooter and follow the pass bet with another come bet (sometimes two or three) to get up the chosen numbers working.

Pros: This strategy has the lowest house edge of all strategies that feature passing with the shooter.

Cons: The more multiple numbers with odds you have, the higher risks of losing a large amount of money. To lower the risks, you may need to find cheaper betting options or cut the amount of come bets you make.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Strategy

In simple terms, this strategy is the opposite of the previous one. The player bets against the shooter, trying to put the biggest possible percentage of the bet into the odds.

Pros: You get the lowest house edge.

Cons: Even if you place the minimum bets, total wagers may get quite large. Be patient while placing the odds, make sure you can afford it.

6&8 Strategy

Frequently rolled numbers (also known as 6&8) Instead of waiting until the craps shooter establishes a point, the player picks his/her numbers. Some of the numbers are rolled more frequently than others. As you might have guessed, these numbers are 6 and 8.

Pros: You get frequently rolling numbers working for you.

Cons: House edge is comparatively high, no free odds for point numbers.

Pass + 6&8

It’s an advanced craps strategy, the combination of the first and third strategies. The player starts with a minimal pass bet and then, when a point gets established, the player backs the bet with free odds. If the point is not 6 or 8, then the player has to place a bet on one of these frequent numbers. If the point is 6 or 8, the player can place a bet on another point.

Pros: House edge is comparatively low, also you get two most frequently rolling numbers working.

Cons: You won’t get the lowest edge possible.

Useful tips and advice

There is some simple but really useful advice for the players who haven’t decided on their optimal strategies yet.

Important things to consider while choosing a craps strategy

Before you start playing, take a few minutes to answer the following question:

  1. How much money are you willing to devote to the betting session this time?
  2. What do you prefer – a quick session with long shots and bigger payoffs and a higher risk of loss, or a lengthy session with smaller payoffs and also lower risk of loss?
  3. Is betting against the craps shooter appropriate for you? Or would you rather use one of the win-together strategies?

Choose your best craps strategy based on the answers.

Practice makes perfect

If you are new to betting in general or craps in particular, you may need to practice before you place a bet with real money. Don’t hesitate to use different online craps strategy simulators that can help you find the most appropriate and profitable one.

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