How to play Craps-learn how to apply the right strategies

How to play Craps, for fun and make money?

Craps is a fairly well-known game in the world in which two special dice are used with dots from one to six. For a certain time, it has gained great popularity among players, so many became interested in how to play Craps, so as not only to receive emotional pleasure, but also a decent financial profit. To play classic Craps, a game table with high sides is specially made, on which there are many necessary attributes. Up to twenty people take part here, one of whom (Shooter) rolls dice, and the rest make a bet on the result of the throw.

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In the late 1990s, this entertainment became very popular on American city streets and since then game lovers have come up with rules for how to play Street Craps. Everything is much simpler here, since there is no gaming table, and there is no banker who controls bets and gives out winnings. Currently, anyone can make a personal bet, since the game is hosted on the sites of a large number of online casinos and to participate in it you only need the Internet connection.

Rules, how to play Craps

In order to understand how to play Craps and win, a person needs to learn the basics of the rules of the game and understand the meaning of special terms. It will also be useful to know about the legality of organizing entertainment in a selected gambling establishment. The game itself is as follows:

  1. Before how to play Craps, those who want to participate in entertainment make a certain contribution, after which they will be considered as shooters and they no longer need to make a bet.
  2. Further, all who made a contribution become participants in determining the throwing player. Usually the winner is the one with the highest sum of numbers. There are options when the dice are thrown before the appearance of 7 or any number guessed.
  3. The next step will be to place the bets of the throwing player (Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come, Pass Line Odds, Don’t Pass Line Odds, Big Six, Any Craps, Craps Two, Big Eight, Craps Twelve and Others). Other players are required to make basic bets corresponding to the previous one.
  4. After the first throw, they make an estimate of the sum of the numbers that have been drawn and the winners are determined in accordance with the bets, and the money is distributed between them. After throwing the Point, there follows an increase in rates, which is very rare.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple, but most players practice for a long time before becoming experienced masters and thoroughly learn Craps how to play.

Winning strategies for Craps

In order to significantly raise odds to win and secure their advantage over players, experienced Craps fans learn to control their opponents’ bets and draw the right conclusions from this. Therefore, to become a master and know exactly how to play winning Craps, you need to apply special strategies:

  • The key to guaranteed winnings may be placing bets on maximum odds;
  • The basic strategy is to thoroughly know the rules of the game and to place the correct bets, which will lead to the defeat of opponents;
  • Making bets on the Don’t Pass line and the established Point, winning will be possible even if the shooter throws 7. The strategy is suitable for playing in online casinos;
  • The most beneficial for the player are Pass Line Odds, Don’t Pass Line Odds, Come Odds, Don’t Come Odds bets, but they can only be bet with Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come bets. Combining these types of bets is the best strategy for playing Craps.

Thus, each player who skillfully uses the appropriate strategy will be able to achieve excellent results in a short time.

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